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Nortec off-road tires are created to conquer roads. The category of these tires differs from ordinary rubber tires intended for installation on light motor vehicles. The items have a solid structure and the high degree of wear resistance, their construction is designed to carry additional loads thanks to the presence of a reinforced carcass. Nowadays the proposals of domestic manufacturers can easily compete with foreign products, they do not hold out for their quality, but they help to save on purchasing. The uniqueness of the product proposal consists in the benefit obtained by the customer – quality products at favorable prices.

Nortec tire manufacturer is not an exception. Nortec range of products for off-road vehicles is represented by several models; each of them is good in its own way at operation under certain specific conditions of car driving.

The category of Nortec off-road tires clearly distinguishes itself among all the tires produced; all models put into production have a definite set of characteristics which are fundamentally important for the owners of off-road cars.

The represented range of products may be conventionally divided into three groups:

These tires with the “man’s” character are developed for going through the most complicated obstacles, being known today. They have a special rough shoulder, which allows to absorb vibrations of uneven roads and to increase car stability in case of road humps. The blocks extended to the shoulder area give additional traction using the contact with the surface, when the tire tread cannot touch the road completely. The off-road tires with an “aggressive” tread pattern are maximum manoeuvrable under the off-road conditions and ensure free car driving under extreme conditions in the course of their operation. It shall be noted that this rubber is good at movement on impassable roads, but when moving on the asphalt, the presence of well-developed ground grips reduces the level of comfort, the tire makes noise and additional microvibrations can be felt. Besides, the noncompliance of operating conditions of the off-road tires results in reduction of their service life.

The production of Nortec off-road tires is based on the consumer demands laid down by the owners of off-road vehicles. Therefore, the line of Nortec off-road tires includes the products which can “compete” with models of famous brands such as BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Simex, GoodYear etc.

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